Sobot Software
Agency for ICT Services

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 24,
Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 2628532

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About Sobot

"Sobot Software" is software development company with clients in Serbia and EU. Established in 2006 by a team of senior freelance software developers, now has 9 full time employees dedicated to providing high quality solutions in various technologies.
Our main business focus is outsourced solution development both for end clients and as a subcontractor for other companies. With considerable experience in conducting business with overseas partners, Sobot Software guarantees quality in all phases of software life cycle, from consulting in defining the customer requirements up to maintenance and support.

Sobot Software development team is made of individuals with wide experience in developing large scale web applications. Each member of the team is a specialist in a certain fields, which enables to distribute the work horizontally, that is generally considered a best approach to developing software. Also all the members of the team have a high degree of classical education in the field of IT.

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